Sunday, September 30, 2007


Something's been on my mind today and I'd like to share it with you all. (I know you are just dying to hear what I have to say, huh?) But it's this...HUMOR, LAUGHTER, FRIENDS. These things are so important to me...I'm not saying that I can't be serious, I can. But I love to laugh, I need to laugh and it helps me get through some tough times. I was raised in a home with 3 sisters, sisters who liked to lock each other in the attic for a good laugh. I was raised with a mom who acted goofy...I'm sure when I was in my teens, this was not a good thing while I was with my friends, but still, I remember laughter. And although my dad is not a comedian (sorry dad, but you're not) we laugh in our family. And now, even full-grown and a wife and mother, I need to laugh. I am so lucky to be married to a very funny who will act foolish, just to entertain me. I like to sing and dance with my girls, even if they shut the blinds and close the windows to spare the neighbors...I still do it. I laugh, I laugh as much as I can...even when I think I might pee my pants, I still do it! And so it goes without saying that I like to surround myself with those who will laugh with me, who will laugh at me, and who make me laugh. I need this, just like I need love and comfort from these same friends. So to you, my friends, thanks for laughing... thanks for acting goofy, silly, foolish and sometimes even stupid! We can't take ourselves too seriously or be too hard on ourselves...we have to find joy in life. This piece of advice I need to take myself. I need to not worry about all that is beyond my control, I need to laugh at some of the hard stuff.
So to all of you who laugh with me...Thank You! And thanks Chrissy Lou for the good hardy chuckle you gave me today...I needed it. Hannah & I driving home from St. George,
caught in traffic and thought we'd pass the time being silly!My goofy family

A more serious side

My fellow bloggers and friends...You are always quoting these wonderful inspiring and uplifting quotes so I thought I'd do the same...After all, it's not always fun and games!
See now, wasn't that uplifting? Keep 'em coming girls.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

What the...

Today I have been extremely lazy and besides going to a function for my daughter, I've been pretty much on my fanny the whole day. Randy got up at 5:30 AM to go hunt for the day...yes I am married to an outdoors man...he's crazy! There is not one thing I can think of that I would wake up (by choice) that early for. No early morning, day after Thanksgiving sale, no free giveaways at my favorite store, no "you win a lifetime supply of Diet Coke" freebie...Nothing! I like my bed way toooo much and there is nothing better than sleeping in. Ok...back up a sec...I have given it some thought... maybe, just maybe I would wake up at 5:30am if Brad Pitt was coming for waffles and bacon. But remember, I said maybe (he of course would have to leave Angelina behind, she'd spoil the whole damn breakfast (little waif) Wow, that was a lot of parenthesis...sorry!)

But what I was really trying to get to is that in my quest for doing absolutely nothing I got to watch it SNOW! Yes I said was coming down in big flakes, not slush, but actual snow. It is only September 29...what is happening here? And although I have lived in SLC for many years now, I still hate the snow. I'm good for about 1 week of it (Christmas) but that's it! So in commemoration of this horrendous weather, I dug out my big flannel PJ's and slipped those warm puppies on. Wow, won't Randy be thrilled when he comes home tonight to find me in some sexy flannels...his favorite.


Just a small clarification on my post "Things I am not". When talking about my great fear of mice I wrote, "I couldn't sleep or eat anything in my pantry till those suckers (mice) were gone".
Just so you all know...I don't actually sleep IN my pantry, I do have a really nice, warm and cozy bed! (Although at times when I wake up in the middle of the night and am hungry, I am tempted to curl up on a pantry shelf with the bag of oreos!) Ok, just had to clear that up...I feel much better now...Thanks!

Friday, September 28, 2007

A Short Conversation

A conversation I had with my 6 year old while driving in Randy's car:

Hudsen: Mom, my lips hurt real bad, does dad have any chapstick in here?

Me: I don't think so, maybe I have some in my purse.

Hudsen: Yeah, dad probably doesn't have any in here...moms are much more prepared!

(Laughing...I find some in my purse, give to child)

Hudsen: Oh thanks, is this yours or dad's?

Me: Mine

Hudsen: Yeah, I was going to be real surprised if it was dad's!

Yeah for us moms...we are always prepared for ANYTHING!
(Including chapped lips)

Quite a Looker!

This cutie pieplus this Fiona look-alike...
Equals =
This Family
Oh my, we have come a long way since those days. I was cleaning out my room today and found these pictures. What was I thinking? Now Randy actually looks all cute in his cap and gown, but me on the other hand...Yikes. The hair is my favorite...I'm sure I spent some time in front of the mirror thinking I was all that while adding my frosty lipstick and blue eyeliner. Yes siree, I am a looker. Now just to clarify... these are our senior pictures, but Randy is older than me. How much older you ask?... Let's just say that when he was getting baptized I was just making my grand appearance in this world. Hee Hee...had to get that shot in babe.
So now I challenge all of you...Let's see an embarrassing picture of you! Are you man enough?


Here's a little shout out to my peeps, I mean sisters...Miss you guys! Just waiting for you to start your own blogs any day now. C'mon it's fun and everybody's doing it...just give it a try, once won't hurt ya! (I'm good at that peer pressure thing, huh?) No really, I miss you sisters and wish we were sitting down right now playing a mean game of speed scrabble...I'd be kicking your butts I'm sure. Have a good you both!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Love this

Love this bracelet I found on a great site

Things I am Not...

So I finally ventured out of the house today! Since we've been home from our trip my little Hudsen has been sick and has missed 3 days of school, thus lots of time spent at home. So, I got them out the door and decided to run the errands I've been escaping this week. One of my first stops was to get the oil changed in my car. I was sitting there, ever so patiently, when the guy comes in the lobby with my air filter...he said it looks pretty good but asked me if we live near a field. I was curious at this point and said no...he went on to tell me that we might want to set some mice traps in our garage because he could tell that mice were making a nest in my engine!!YIKES...what was that? I immediately get the heebee geebees (good spelling, huh) and want to dry heave right there at Grease Monkey. So if you don't already know this about me, let me just say.......I HATE MICE! I can handle snakes, spiders, lizards, hairy french people, but not MICE! Last year we had a couple in our house and it was quite the ordeal. I was ready to move to a hotel and let's just say that Randy threatened our children to NEVER tell mom if they saw one, just go and get him. Anyways, I won't go into the gorry details but let's just say it was a nightmare and I couldn't sleep or eat anything in my pantry till those suckers were gone!
So the first thing that I am not is....A FAN OF MICE!
Next I get myself together, immediately calling Randy when I leave to tell him the horrific details, and drive over to get my nails done. (Yes I am that kind of girl, a little shallow) Everything is going smoothly until the door chimes and in walks a girl I know. Ok, we are not really friends, but we do know each other...our girls are friends. Anyways, she happens to be the girl who just recently asked if I was pregnant at back to school front of a lot of people. I was mortified and told her "No, I'm just fat" and kept on walking. (Of course the moment I got home I cried like a baby and called my personal trainer) I have seen her once after the gym one day (which was quite funny) and then again today. I, being the bigger person, was all friendly with her and pretended it never happened. But I could tell she was embarrassed (which she should be, stupid girl!) as we carried on a conversation. It was them time for me to get up and go wash my hands and you can bet I was sucking in my stomach like never before!! Take that... you should shut your pie hole... stupid girl! I left there determined that the next time I see her I shall be Angelina, Kate Moss, never eating another twinkie, anorexic THIN!
So the final thing that I am not...PREGNANT!
Maybe I should've just stayed home :)

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Blonde & Beautiful

Just a quick shout out to this cutie pie! I'm glad to announce that Hailey has climbed aboard this Bloggin' Train. She is one cool cat, so check her out!

Before and After

So this is some of what I did today...The Before...
What a mess... where's the maid when I need her...
And AFTER! Taa-Daa.

This is one of the down sides of having 4 girls...they can usually pass down their clothes but then that requires me to go through everything and see what still fits, what's too worn to keep and what's just Plain Ugly now. After all, my oldest is 16 so what was in style back then really doesn't make the Top Ten list today. Although I try to get them to wear the jeans that buttoned up by the boobs (aka 90's fashion) they just aren't going for it. Plus our closets aren't that big so I am required to stash fall/winter or spring/summer clothes up in boxes. What a pain that is...I usually wait so long to do this nasty task that by the time I get down the clothes they should be wearing, all the pants are now floods or the shirts are too tight.

This is when it'd be nice to have one girl, one boy..."oh darn it, we'll just have to go out and buy you all new clothes for the season." Then box up the old clothes and make a run to DI. Simple as that!

Show 'em how it's done GIRLS!

Yesterday was a sports filled day in the Christensen household! Hannah plays both JV and Varsity volleyball for Bingham (Go Miners) so we tried to watch all her matches...JV won, Varsity lost to rival Riverton...tough loss! Volleyball is one of my favorite sports to watch, NOT play, I am terrible at it! I love to watch Hannah stuff it down their faces...she can hit hard when she wants. At 6 ft 1 she is obviously on the front line and I love to watch her block. Go Hannah, you make us she's awful purty:)

Then it's off to coach Hope's soccer team...yes, I did say coach. I know you are probably asking yourselves, "Does she know anything about soccer?" And the answer to that would be NO! But they were so desperate for a coach and after the guy called me like 12 times I said yes, I'll do it but don't expect anything great from me. You see, I think I can play many sports with relative ease (Ok, maybe back in my younger years when I didn't pee anytime I jumped up and down or exerted myself at all!) It just so happens that volleyball and soccer are 2 sports I never basketball, softball, field hockey I could do...just not soccer! But I figured having me as a coach was better than no coach at all. After all, how bad could I mess up...I mean they are only 9, even if they all know much more than me about soccer, I just follow their lead. So far I have been really good at: 1. Learning their names (only 5 kids on the team, one being mine) 2. Being in charge of the snacks 3. Missing a bunch of practices and games while we were on vacation! There, so far so good! Now girls, remember the Cheer we practiced, "Girls RULE, Boys drool...Go, Fight...Hit 'em with a big hard tool" Oh wait...that's not it.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Heck Family Motto

This should be the Heck's family motto! (Heck is my maiden name...go ahead, crack your jokes...I've heard them all before)

Someone bring me my Hot Toddie!

I CAN'T SLEEP! Did you hear me...all of you that are snuggled up comfy and cozy in your nice warm beds? Don't you feel sorry for me...I mean this jet lag is seriously kicking my fanny! It has now been 4 nights in a row where I have woken up at various times and can not fall back asleep. Don't you hate when that happens? Lucky for me I just slip on my bunny slippers and sneak downstairs and start blogging. That's another good thing about it (blogging), you don't have to wake anybody up to be entertained (by reading their blogs, of course). I am even taking sleeping pills and I still wake up. Maybe I should take a sleeping pill, a nice fuzzy & warm feeling Valium and a good shot of whiskey...that should do the trick! (Just kidding mom, don't call Betty Ford center on me yet)! I'm sure it doesn't help that Hudsen has come in our room every night since we've been home (she's still sick) and woken us up. Ok, is woken a word...that looks funny, oh well! See what's happening, I can't even blog straight. I miss you sleep...I look forward to being intimate with you once again...I don't think Randy would mind, he'd actually love to join us!
Maybe I can slip in a nap today...TTFN (those of you not familiar with tigger talk, that stands for "ta ta for now"!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Whatcha doin?

Things I am doing today:

1. A butt load of laundry!
2. Nursing a sick child...poor Hudsen!
3. Eating a large amount of chocolate!
4. Not showering!
5. Mopping floors!
6. Blogging when I should be working!
7. Missing my mommy!! Isn't she a cutie...I miss you mom. Love you!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

This is it...I promise!

Randy in Notre Dame (probably praying that he will survive the 9 days stuck with me)

Oh I know, you are probably getting so sick of me talking about my trip and what a fabulous time we had and blah, blah, blah, shove it in my ear...right? So this will be the final writing of my 9 day adventure to Europe. (I think)

In short, views were fantastic; food was so-so; finding my diet coke when in need, a definite plus; frying my flat iron the day we got there, Sucked; buying a new one for way too much (I won't even put the price, in case RC reads this) Sucked; finding out the plugs were different in England than in France and couldn't use the flippin Louis Vuitton flat iron, suck, suck! Spending lots of time with Randy;great...except when I wanted to do some serious shopping then I needed him to just find a bench and have a seat! Seeing Wicked and Grease (which we paid for twice 'cause we missed the first show 'cause I got the days mixed up and then proceeded to throw the temper tantrum of a 3 yr old 'cause I REALLY wanted to see it); thoroughly entertaining!

Overall...a trip of a lifetime and one I won't soon forget. Thanks babe for being my traveling companion and keeping me in stitches with your great French accent...I love you!

But I'm happy to be home and see my girls... even if my house is not so clean and my laundry room looks like the entire contents of every shelf and closet in my house is now on the ground!
I am happy to be blogging away and catching up on all the posts that I missed this past week. Even if I am going a bit overboard...Hailey told Randy tonight that she hates when I blog because I am the worst listener. Ok, I'll try not to be so obsessive!

Goodnight my friends, sweet dreams.

Me coming out of the bell tower in Notre Dame, acting like Quazimodo. Wow, look at those rolls, take it easy on those pastries Missy!

A little peek at where we've been!

Get ready for some pictures...I'll try to just pick a few, I only took about 300 or so...don't worry!
Enjoying a hot beverage outside a cafe in Paris on our first day!

This was one of my favorite spots in Paris, Cimetiere Du Pere Lachaise (A really old cemetery)
So beautiful and amazing (Jim Morrison is buried here)

Found my new boyfriend at the top of Notre Dame!! He's a looker, eh?
Oh Paris, city of love and romantic this one straight up the ole nostrils!
This is for real...this sign was in the restrooms at the Tower of London. Didn't know they had such distinguished awards over in England!

Randy outside the Gardens at Versailles Castle, glad I don't have to cut the grass there!

This was in a tiny little outdoor antique market in Paris.

Me and the Beefeater at Tower of London...looks like we both like to eat a little too much beef!

London calling...Cheerio Mate!

This was out in the English countryside, in a town called Lower Slaughter. So quaint and tranquil (if you ignore the name)First time I saw this in England I just thought the "I" was missing (I obviously didn't read the entire sign) Soon I realized this is just like a "To Lease" sign over in the States. I am so brilliant I know!!

Westminster Abbey, really beautiful...couldn't believe how many churches are over there. Almost as many LDS chapels as in SLC (like one on every other street corner)

Felt like I was in a fairy tale...the houses were so small and I was on the look out for the seven dwarfs singing "Hi Ho" on their way home!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Heading home...thanks for the memories!

Well we made it to the end of a very long, fun, and exhausting trip! I can't believe how incredible it has all been and I feel like we have seen so much in such a short amount of time! We leave early in the morning and I'm going to be really glad to get home and see my girls!

Last night we went to the show, GREASE, it was fantastic and fun. And no real British accents that I noticed because Sandy and Danny were from the States. Today we went out to the English countryside, saw Oxford University and the Cotswolds. Absolutely breathtaking!! (Great suggestion mom, you get an A) Oxford was very cool and old... Hailey would be so jealous because we saw where alot of Harry Potter was filmed. I was hoping to take in a quick game of Quiddich but no luck, besides my nymbus (sp?) 2000 had broken down. We looked all over for Harry but didn't spot him...but Hailey, dad did bring home the closet thing he could find. While we were in the countryside R and I went into this old, quaint tavern to eat. It was one of the highlights of my trip! We sat next to this old British couple, probably well into their 80's, and couldn't help but ease drop. They were the cutest couple and I was having a ball listening in on their conversation (by the way after 9 straight days with your spouse, love ya RC, you start to listen to alot of other people talking because quite frankly you are sick of talking to the same person over and over!!) But anyway, at one point in the conversation the wife said, "You know dear I am highly suspicious of salads" Which the husband replies with, "Oh yes, I know dear, so am I." But imagine it all said in a very English accent. I almost asked them if I could take their picture holding their salads! Chrissy would have loved it.

Well I must run...have to go pack and fit all my crap in my suitcase which is now the size of a small house (My stuff that is)! Lots of love and I'll post lots of pictures when I get home. (Sorry no pics while in London, can't get this computer to cooperate!)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

London Calling

Sorry ole' chaps that it has taken me a while to update my travel adventures...we have had trouble accessing the Internet. In fact it is 6am right now and I couldn't sleep so decided to give it a go once more. And lucky me it is working!

Let me first say that yes indeed, all that have warned me about the brits and the yellow teeth thing are absolutely right. I think they need a few more Zoom whitening labs and orthodontists over here...better yet why doesn't ABC start a Extreme Mouth Makeover...England edition? It is quite unattractive, but I'm sure that when they come over to the states they say the same thing about Americans and us being such an overweight country. I have noticed that is such a huge difference...not very many fat people at all.

OK on to what we have been doing...we have seen Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, Tower of London, the crown jewels, Harrods, Hyde Park and so much more. Tomorrow we go to Buckingham Palace and see the changing of the guards. We also saw WICKED the first night we arrived. I've seen it twice in NYC but wanted to show RC what I am always talking about. Very good but took awhile for me to get used to the british accent on Galinda...overall still one of my favorites. Sorry girls that I saw it without you...Hope and Hudsen I promise your next:)

Well I have lots more tales to tell but I am using a computer that has no chair and I have to type standing up, hunched I must make this short. Don't the Brits believe in planting your butt down in a comfy chair and blogging till your hearts desire? It's not like I haven't been walking 100 miles a day with a friggin bag weighing 30 lbs slung over my shoulder and a diet coke in one hand(yes, I have found them here) and more souvenirs than I know what to do with, in the other hand!! I mean c'mon lads, give me a CHAIR so I can sit for a spell!!!

Love to all, especially my cute kids...miss you soooooooo much and see you soon girls!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Shop til u drop!

So I just scrolled down to the bottom of my blog page and saw the cutest girls ever! I don't have any pictures of them with me so I'm glad I can see them here! Oh looking at that picture makes my heart ache...I miss them!

But not to worry I am still having a fantastic time. Woke up early today at 7am and we were out the door and shopping when the stores opened. I have never been so amazed by the endless shopping possibilities here in this city. We went to a few department stores where I literally stood there with my mouth wide open, not knowing where to start. The kids clothes are to die for but I would probably have to sell one of them (my kids, that is) to pay for the outfit. And then that would really defeat the purpose of shopping for alas, I managed to find some more reasonable finds. Don't worry girls...we don't have to draw straws yet to see who has to go! (Just kidding...I love my girls soooooooo much and do miss them.)

We really have had a wonderful time here and will leave for London tomorrow. I will miss Paris but will not miss the foul odors...I'm not kidding when I say they are some of the worst I've had the displeasure to smell. (And I think it's bad when my girls get home from school smelling like "recess" and "puppies") We have taken the metro (subway) all over this city and so you really are packed in tight with all these "frenchies" and other non deodorant wearing tourists. Of course Randy and I always smell divine! 'K folks time to make my departure for this leg of the trip. Bon Jour!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

There is a first time for everything!

Ok, I know you are wandering...what the heck? And after all I've seen so far in this beautiful city I am choosing to talk about this toilet. But I have to say I was completely thrown by this today. We were at this gigantic flea market and there were just row after row of cool antique finds. Well I found an "unique" find of my own...this toillete. I had to go to the bathroom and asked this lady where they were...she pointed to this. I thought she was mistaken and had lead me to the mens but NO, this is the ladies. You put your feet on the outside and squat...I am not kidding you. It was the most bizarre thing I have seen so far. (Not to mention awkward) So for any of you who haven't seen this before, you can thank me for opening your eyes to this classy and upscale part of Paris!

Ok on to other things...we saw the Eiffel Tower today and it really was amazing. Didn't go up though because lines were ridiculous! And after climbing Notre Dame I thought I'd give my feet a rest. We went to Moulin Rouge tonight and that was fun to see. It is in the red light district, so not a place I'd like to take my kids! On 2nd really wasn't any worse than Vegas and they've seen that. Tomorrow is our last full day here and we are going to do some serious shopping! Any requests?

And for my last commentary of the night, I have only one thing left to say...
BUY SOME DEODORANT PEOPLE!! I'm sorry and I don't mean to be rude to the French but please, just apply at least once a day!!

We really are having a great time and seeing some fabulous is beautiful here. So good night for now...sorry I have no french words tonight...I left my english to french translation book in the room! I love you girls (if you are reading this) and be good while we are gone. Big kisses to you all!

Saturday, September 15, 2007


Bon Jour my fellow American friends...we have made it to Paris. After an exhausting past few days, I am finally giving my barking dogs a rest. And boy oh boy, are these puppies mad! We didn't sleep for the first 24 hours so that we could get on Paris time...and that was not an easy feat! I have never pulled an all nighter...not even in my wildest party days! (So mom and dad if you are reading this or my children...I didn't really have any wild and crazy days, I'm just teasing)
Yesterday we arrived at 6:15 am and went to the Louvre, saw the Mona Lisa (which by the way is quite small but very cool) I almost cracked the DaVinci Code while I was there...I was so close yet so far. Then we went to Notre Dame and swung from the Bell Tower like Quazimodo. That has been my favorite so far. And just a quick note to Chrissy Lou (my workout buddy)...about that working out thing, like doing lunges down the hotel hallway...HELL NO! (Sorry girls if you are reading this) Do you know how many stairs we had to climb to get to the top of Notre a million (well actually there are over 400), so take that all you skinny, fake boobed, perky girls I see at the gym everyday!!!!
Today we have went to Versailles Castle, boy I'd hate to be the cleaning lady was amazing and the gardens looked a little like my backyard :)

Then we headed over to Bastille for some exploring although we went at the worst possible time I think. There was some music fest going on, a parade and all sorts of drunken french teenagers EVERYWHERE! I have never seen anything like it and was glad for my sweet innocent Hannah...who I'm sure would never be caught dead at one of those soirees (party, for those who don't speak French as fluently as me) RIGHT HANNAH??

Tonight we went to Champs de Elyssess, lots of cool favorite was Sephora. I never seen so many beauty products, perfumes, etc in my life. Tara, I thought of you the whole'd been dizzy from all the products and might go into shock. This is a picture from there:(Don't be confused, that is not me in the upper right hand corner)

So I must go now, I'm sure Randy (who is in the room) is wondering where the flip I am...he can't even get me away from this blogging thing in the most romantic city in the world! Poor thing...but don't worry, he's not going without attention (Wink Wink, Nudge, Nudge)

Au revoir ma ami

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Bon Jour!

Well we are off to Paris for 4 days then London for 4...can I even tell you how excited I am? I can barely stand it and might just pee my pants if I jump up one more time (You know what I'm talking about... after 4 babies you just can't go crazy and start jumping around... it's bad enough for me to even sneeze!)
So my blogging friends I will miss you and I'll see what I can do about finding a computer over there to keep you updated on my travels.
But before I leave I just had this little tid bit to share. DISCLAIMER: This might seem a bit morbid but you have to know how I think...I really get some wacko ideas in my head (they are never invited they just show up unannounced!) So in case I die, I want everyone to know that I WILL be watching you from Heaven to see who comes to my funeral and if you're not there, I'll want a valid excuse! I will also be watching to see who is crying the most...I will be keeping score. As some of you know already I despise baby's breath so if anybody even dares to put that on my casket I might have to strike you down with lightning. (Unless it's my sweet Gigi, in that case, I'll let it slide) And last but not least....Tara, my sweet lil friend, I better hear you belting out "Bring Him Home", which by the way you can change the words to "Bring Her Home"...or else I will have to put a curse upon you throughout the remainder of your life...constant intestinal issues!
Ok, that's it for now! Of course nothing is going to happen to me and I will be blogging away the moment my feet hit American Soil. But I just had to say it aloud (ok, type it) so that everyone knows my final wishes. :) So till then....Bon Jour and Oy Oy

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Remember 9/11

This day always gives me a lump in my throat...I can't believe it has been 6 years since this terrible tragedy. I am reminded of the loss that so many suffered and take the time now to count my many blessings. Of course my family is always on the top of my list...Randy, Hannah, Hailey, Hope and Hudsen are just the best I could ask for. My parents, Jim and Maril, my sisters Camille and Angie...thanks for always being there! And countless other family members and blessed I am to have you in my life. I am proud to be an American and give thanks to my God and loving Savior for the freedoms that I enjoy.

Just for a moment I'd like to go back to the days right after 9/11, when our country came together and stood united, as one, without political divides and with a true love for mankind. Maybe we can start today in our own little lives to make a difference, to truly love our fellow man and neighbor. I'm willing to give it a shot! Thanks again to all those who matter in my life and may you and your family be blessed on this day.

A Keeper

Isn't this just the sweetest note ever? When Hudsen (we call her munch) gave it to me I all but bawled like a baby. I'm already having anxiety over leaving my girls so this really helped put me over the where did I put that Zanax?

Monday, September 10, 2007

This Is It!

My Baby Hudsen is leaving me for bigger and better things... Like SCHOOL.
Ok this is the day I've been dreading for awhile now! All 4 of my kids are gone to school...we have year round school here so my two youngest started back at the end of July, but have been off track for the last 3 weeks. So while they have been off track, my JR High'r and HS'r started school. So today, the youngest 2 started back to school...are you still following this? Anyways, my little sidekick Hudsen, has now decided that she is old enough to leave me all day. Excuse me, I don't remember giving her permission to grow rude! So I will have to find a way to pull myself together and go on with my first stop of course, after I dropped them off, was to race to the nearest 7-11 and grab a SUPER Big Gulp Diet Coke! Life just goes by too fast, one day you are changing diapers and the next you are crying your eyes out because all of your children are at school. Good thing I have a list a mile long of things that I need to get done before I leave for Europe. (I know I make it sound like I can barely live without my children and just 3 short days later I hop on a plane to take me 1/2 way around the world without them! ...'K girls, bye good, see you in 10 days")

So now I must quit my boobing and get on with it...did you notice though that my blogging made it 1st on my list (well right after my Diet Coke run), I really have my priorities straight!