Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Me Likey...

Not to sound like every other screaming preteen girl out there BUT...Me likey Edward Cullen...Me likey ALOT!! Is it too much to ask for my own vampire to watch over me and have such utterly fantastic hair that I could run my fingers through? I think not...I'd even settle for being adopted into the Cullen family...I would be content living among the sexiest vampire clan to reside in the US! Couldn't they just invite me to one of their little baseball games, I'll just sit on the sidelines...I'd be happy just watching these beautiful creatures.

C'mon...I'm not asking for much...just a little Vampire action! Oh by the way, did I mention I LOVE that boys hair?!!! Seriously, I could make a little nest and just snuggle up in it...it really is that great!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Lookin Good...

Another night of dancing and looking purty for my cute Hannah...can't believe how grown up she's gettin!! I must admit I think she's the prettiest one in the bunch but aren't I allowed to be this biased...after all I did born her!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

When you open your dryer and find this...

This is when you know you live in a house with 5 women...
Ok, Hudsen is only 7 she's probably not sporting one of these yet!
Seriously...good grief girls!!
And I promise you, it's NOT MINE!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Happy Birthday to My Man!

Happy Birthday to this wonderfully caring, good lookin, funny, kind, smart, generous, handy, strong, brilliant, all together awesome HUSBAND of mine! I don't know if I could have gotten any luckier when he chose me as his wife. Thanks babe for being mine...I love you! I hope you have a very Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Busy with...

I'll have to play a little catch up on my blog since we've had lots going on lately!! Randy's sister, Amy and her sweet baby Emersyn came to visit from Japan and we were so happy to have them stay with us as long as they did. We were especially happy and surprised when Matt got to fly in for the weekend as a surprise to us all!! We love you guys and I am soooooo missing that baby!

Next we found time to do some serious pumpkin carving, although not everyone was on board at first! That's alright though because they all came out smiling...the pumpkins and the girls. Hannah is dramatically upchucking into her pumpkin...that's a good look Han!
Then we got to take Hailey and Hope to see Jason Mraz in concert...A FANTASTIC SHOW~! He did not disappoint, that's for sure. We have been following his career every since the release of his first album and have always loved his music. The concert was very entertaining and the girls had a great time. They also think he's sexy...oh my! It was a really fun night so thanks babe for the tickets.
So that's a little catch up in our world through pictures...hope everyone else is doing well!
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