Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy Bloggin' Anniversary!

Well we've done and this blog, we've made it through a whole year together. Today we celebrate our 1 year anniversary of sweet, bloggin bliss! And to be honest, I wasn't sure if we could make it. The beginning was great, you know the whole honeymoon period and all...the time where you overlook each other's bad habits and think it's just cute when he refuses to post your pictures and his spellcheck refuses to work. But then I found myself doubting, wondering if I'd made the right choice, starting this relationship with a blog. There were times where even Randy was ready to make me choose...him or the blog. But somehow we stuck it out, got through those tough times and are now in this comfortable place. There's no pressure and we can both just be ourselves. The great part is the blog, well, he's there when I need him but I no longer feel co-dependent with him. And that, I believe, is a really healthy spot to be in! So Happy Anniversary Blog, it's been sweet and I hope we can celebrate more happy times together. (And I'll be expecting my diamond earrings any day now!)

Friday, August 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Chrissy Lou!

Happy Birthday to one of my favorite friends and people!! Christine is so much fun to be around and from the moment you meet her, you see why...her humor and wit are infectious. She is a super duper (sing that part like from Mama Mia:) good listener and is always saying, "K, talk to me!" She has got some great people watching skillzzzz and can rock out to Guitar Hero like a mother! (Well she is a mother, but I'm not talking about that kind at the moment) Not to mention all this plus the fact that she is down to earth and beautiful as well! She always keeps things real and is HONEST...I love that about her. Cause every now and again, let's face it, you need a friend to slap you in the face with some honesty!! Through some tough times she's been there for me and understood my struggles and that seals the deal for me in my book of we cut ourselves as kids and mixed our blood together and did this whole friendship chant thingy and swore we'd always be friends and so we are kinda stuck with each other...(Ok, that last part never happened, but it sounds cool!)

So here's to you Christine...I hope you have a fabulous day!! I hope you are pampered and waited on and don't have to spend too much time watching football on your special day. I love you a million times over and am so grateful for our friendship!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

I love this family

Yesterday, right after we had gotten home from church we were all messing around in our bedroom and I had one of those thoughts, "How many more times is this going to happen?" The next day Hannah would be starting her senior year and Hailey would be off to 8th grade. How many more times in this next year would we all pile on the bed and laugh and watch Randy run around in Hannah's dress? I hoped it would be many more times but for that moment I had to capture it...I ran to get the camera. (Ok, I actually sent Hudsen to get it...did you actually expect me to get off the bed and get it?) Randy hurried to take off the dress but I captured the moments that, I love this family!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

A little Motivation Please

So last night we went to Hannah's first Volleyball game of the season. I can't believe this is her senior is so weird to have my daughter growing up way too fast. I love to watch her play vball and it's even better when they win, which they did! She has gotten better every year and every season I watch her hit get even more powerful. Last night while Randy and I were watching her I decided I wanted to see her hit REALLY hard this season, like REALLY hard!! So when she got home I told her I would pay her for every hard hit she has in a game. I know, good old fashion can work wonders for some kids! But I didn't stop there, I then proceeded to tell her that I would pay her $50 if she breaks someones nose with a hit this season. So what I'm wondering now is, is this proper motivation for a 17 year old? After all, I just want to see her get a bit more aggressive...what's wrong with that? Go Hannah...Break a nose or two!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

All alone

Yesterday was Hope and Hudsen's first day back to school. They were all excited, just a tad nervous and I was ready for the end of day report promptly at 4:00! Here is how it went down:

Me: How was it, how was your first day?

Hudsen: It was great....I love being in 2nd grade! It is soooo cool.

Me: I am so glad. So you met new friends and everything was fine? Was there anyone who was all alone and sad? (Me wondering if she reached out to any new kids...)

Hudsen: Yeah....You!

Ok, not what I had expected but boy does she make me laugh!! Love that baby girl of mine, even if she is growing up way too fast.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

I am proud...

Have you ever had one of those moments where you are so proud of your child that your heart wants to burst and your eyes well up with tears? Where you wonder where they found the determination and strength to do what they did? I had one of those moments yesterday with Hailey. She was trying out for dance at a totally new dance studio with 50 other girls that she did not know. There she went, alone to face her fears and do her best. It was heart wrenching to watch because as a mother I just wanted someone to stand next to her, to smile at her, to put her mind at ease and all I could do was nothing...just watch. I had to leave for a few minutes, to walk outside and pull myself together. It reminded me of the days when we moved all the way from Chicago to New Jersey. The memory of my first day of High School, during lunch, when I had to sit all alone at a table came flooding back to me and I could not stop the tears from coming. There is nothing worse for a 14 year old than to sit all alone, not having a single friend in sight. That's how I felt for Hailey...and on top of that, she had to dance in front of them! (All I had to do is eat my sack lunch!)

And she did it, she went out and did her best and I was so proud of her! This was a moment for me I won't soon forget... thanks Hailey for being such a good example to me!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Moms catch you...

So I was sitting with my friend and her three year old daughter the other day talking about what mommys are for. We asked her what do mommys do? She thought about it for a minute and said, "They're nice to you, they scratch your back, they make your cereal and oh yeah... (my personal favorite)... "THEY CATCH YOU WHEN YOU GO DOWN THE SLIDE."

I thought that was the sweetest thing I had heard all day. I am reminded that when you are having a conversation with a 3 year old, you should be prepared for anything. What they have brewing up in those sweet, little innocent minds is anyones guess!

So lucky for us moms, we do serve some very important roles in our childrens lives. Here are just a few more of the glamorous jobs we do as moms...
1. Hold kids hair back while they are vomiting in toilet.
2.Be there with them everytime they get their shots (where's daddy?)
3. Snuggle with them when they climb in your bed at 6am.
4.Just smile and say "Yes I do" when they tell you that you make the best frozen eggo waffles.
5.Try to mend their broken hearts after their 1st bad breakup, in fact go with her/him and egg the bastards house! ok...just kidding
6.And finally the last job we get to do as moms is this...never stop loving and giving up on our child!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

I've Reached a New Level of Lazy...

It's true... I've officially become totally useless and lazy this summer. I have watched so much mindless and trivial TV, that I'm afraid I might be TiVo'ng Big Brother 20 this fall, and I have NEVER stooped that low before! Now I would like to claim that I usually watch such educational channels such as PBS, Discovery, CSPAN and the like, but I would be lying. Instead this is what I'm watching...
A little Criss Angel with his "Mindfreak", this show really does freak my kids out. Have you seen this is crazy, how does he do those things? Besides his little lisp, he's kinda sexy (although this new season he is sporting this whole beard and long hair thing which makes him look sort of like a Jewish rabbi).
Of course my summer would not be complete without "So You Think You Can Dance"...yeah, I am living vicariously through these people. I could so beat their butts if I were to go on this show, I just want to give them their chance to shine before I make my appearance.

And of course you've got to mix in a little bit of "Jon and Kate plus 8"....they are just so entertaining to watch. Kate is a little buggy at times...she's very bossy (doesn't sound at all familiar) but somehow I continually watch this show. Those kids are so darling and it always makes me feel grateful that I only have 4 to manage!
And I've already introduced you to my new found love this summer, "Tori and Dean, Home Sweet Hollywood". I am 100% hooked on this show and now can openly admit (after some counseling) that I've also read her book. I know, I know, what has happened to my standards? But I really like this show, I really like her hubby...hubba, hubba!
Shhhhh...have you seen this, the "Dog Whisperer" with Cesar? He is brilliant but I've yet to see him actually whisper to any dogs. He can change any dogs behavior and I just love his accent, in fact I am thinking of becoming his apprentice, do you think he'd hire me? I'd just like to be around him to hear him talk, who cares about the dogs!

Finally "Nanny 911" has also been on my TV watching schedule. Seriously, the kids they find for these shows are sooooo naughty and total brats!! (Of course mine are perfect, so we would never be considered for their show) I think the only reason I really watch this show is because it makes me feel pretty good about my own mothering skills. These kids are the devils spawn...for real!

So that's it for this summers TV guide...insightful huh? Now I have mixed in a few books here and there but don't tell anyone, I wouldn't want to ruin my image! I must go now, I am sure there is something important I am missing on TV...

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

We're All In This Together

I was able to take the girls to see "High School Musical" the musical at Capitol Theater this weekend and it was so cute. Randy bought these tickets for us awhile ago and it was so fun to have a girls night out. The show was darling and everyone was entertained and I was proud to be with these beautiful daughters of mine! Thanks R, for making this happen, we had fun!