Sunday, January 27, 2008

In Memory...

What a great man and prophet of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! He will be missed by millions but it's his "one in a million"...his wife...that I bet he's happiest to see. "God be with you till we meet again" President Hinckely!

Bag Tag!

Now don't confuse Bag Tag with Bag Wag (which only a few warped minds will know what I'm talking about!) But I've been tagged by Lupe, thanks kindly, so I'll share what is inside my lovely bag! Are you wondering why I've taken a picture of 2 purses instead of just one? Well I'll kill the suspense and tell you...I was right in the middle of changing purses and decided to document the entire fascinating process!
The cute bag on the right is my favorite!! I love it but it went with me on my travels to Mexico and has returned smelly! See everything that we took on our trip now has this funky, wet and musty smell. I've washed everything...febreezed everything a billion times and have sprayed so much perfume, you'd think we were running a brothel! But no success...everything still smells and I mean's grossing me out. So I thought I'd let my pretty bag air out and hopefully it'll be up and running again soon! (Not that I don't love the bag on the left...thanks sis)
So now for a look inside: my wallet (that I can not close cause it's way too full of receipts and other crap), a compact mirror, a file, a notebook, Orbit gum (my favorite, Sweet Mint), Excedrin, 2 types of hand lotion, other misc. drugs (I'm not sure what all is really in there but I know it's equivalant to what Walgreens Rx carries), some lipstick, hairspray, lipgloss, lip liner, tweezers (a must), pocket size kleenex, and my make-up bag. Think that's about it!
Thanks for playing...Christine, Rachel, Tara, Hailey, anyone who wants to play...consider yourself tagged!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

No more belly aching...

OK I am trying to stay positive here...all week I've been trying to think happy thoughts (mostly about being back in the warm sun) but it's just HARD! I'm trying to be Happy and Upbeat...but just when I think I've overcome my winter blahs...WHAM, they hit me, just like a ice cold snowball! And it's the kind of iceball that hits you square on the noggin and leaves a gigantic goose egg! So I'm sorry to bother you with my belly b****ing, BUT, I HATE WINTER...I HATE SNOW...I HATE COLD...BUT MOST OF ALL...I HATE DIRTY CARS!!!!

There, I feel much better....better to vent than to hold it all in I say (kinda like a toot that your holding in and it's so bad, it's making your stomach hurt. Ok, can't believe I actually wrote that in my blog...see your bad influence on me, Tara!) So those of you that live in warmer, kinder climates...consider yourself blessed! But now that I've said my peace, I must move on...I will no longer burden you with my winter blues, instead I will curl up in my pj's and flannel sheets, stock up on hot chocolate and marshmallows, jump into my warm cozy bed and HIBERNATE. Wake me up when it's spring!


You gotta see this!

Saw this movie today with girlfriends...had me laughing and crying. Definitely one I would recommend seeing!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My slippery Soap Box!

So this whole tragic death thing with Heath Ledger has really got me of course I am going to have to share with you just exactly what's on my mind! Let me say this...however we present ourselves to the outside world and those not exactly close to's usually a bit sugar coated, right? You don't have to agree with me, but let me explain...We are usually so busy protecting our "image" for others that rarely do we let our guards done. We think we can do it all, be the perfect mother, adoring wife, carpool mom, working mom, RS president, PTA name it, we think we should be able to handle everything. Let me tell you...that image is impossible to maintain!

We all break down, we cry, we shout, we get mad at our kids for dumb things, we are irritated by our spouses...we just generally kick that poor cat until he is bruised and battered! I don't care who you are...we all have things we're not proud of. I won't go into my personal inventory of mistakes I've made and regrets I have but let's just say'd be surprised by what's shoved into that closet! I've learned alot from it all, but mostly I have learned not to judge people by what you see on the outside. So next time we want to start assuming things about our neighbors and friends...think again, I bet we'd be surprised at the hardships and insecurities that they are packing around.

So what does this have to do with Heath you ask? Well immediately everyone is assuming that drugs, depression and anxiety and all that other baggage has caused his death. Maybe it has, maybe it hasn't. Whether or not you agree with his life style...he was still human and fallible just like the rest of us! Remember that he too was someone's son, a dad, a friend...someone who will be truly missed by his loved ones.

So the next time you have a really bad day, remember you are not alone. When life seems crappy, snuggle up in your favorite pj's, take a nap , eat a whole gallon of Hagen Daaz, call a girlfriend and cry on her shoulder for no reason...basically, just let it out! Hang up the WonderWoman costume for the'll still be there tomorrow!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

2 Things I am NOT Happy about...

Being in this...

Instead of here...(That really is me, swimming in the warm Caribbean waters)


Pretty much planting my butt in the laundry room for 3 straight days...I s*** you not, my washer and dryer has run for 3 days, all day long. It only rests when I do...I finally just put away the last load about 30 minutes ago! Don't you feel sorry for me?
Ok, one last note about the snow...if you don't know this by now, let me just clue you in on a little known fact about me...I HATE SNOW. It's OK anytime up until Christmas and then after that...IT SUCKS!!! So, any questions on how I feel about being back here instead of Mexico?

Monday, January 21, 2008

Back to life, Back to Reality...which basically Sucks!

With a little motivation from my kind and loving and ever so patient friend, Tara...I will finally blog a butt load of pictures from my fabulous trip to Cancun. It seriously was one of the best trips I've ever been on...totally relaxing, great sunny weather, good company...I was just totally pampered for 7 days straight!! Besides seeing my sucks to be home! Today we got dumped on, snow wise that snowed about 13 inches at our house. So the tan that I worked so hard on getting is covered up by snow boots, a down parka, earmuffs, gloves and all that bites the big one!

And finally...after being gone a week...this is the amount of laundry waiting to be done...RAT FARTS!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Anyone want to join me?

So tired of spending my days lounging around the pool and beach, sipping pina coladas and reading bks (I'm on my 2nd one). So tired of having everything already paid for and can eat and drink endlessly all day. So tired of having a two hour spa treatment today and then taking an hour nap. So tired of going to ancient ruins where you overlook the beautiful Caribbean blue waters! And tomorrow when we go do the zipline and play in the water...I just can't stand that thought!

I so wish I was home, shoveling snow and freezing to death in temperatures in the 20's. Oh how I envy those of you that are me a spot near the snowman, will you?

On to order room service and go to bed with the a/c on full blast! Wish I was there :)

PS......I really do miss my girls, love you Hannah, Hailey, Hope and Hudsen!!

Friday, January 11, 2008


Nothing like this little number to make a mommy feel bad that she is missing her baby's 7th birthday...I'm trying the bribery angle but she's a smartie and milking this one. You never know...she might have her very own pony waiting for her in the morning.

I do love this little munch so much and can't believe how fast she's growing. So Hudsen...
Happy, Happy Birthday....I love you soooooooooooooooooooooo much and then some more:)
See you when we get back...I'll miss you munch!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Countdown is on!

This is where Randy and I will be in just 3 short days...Cancun, Mexico in a beautiful 5 star resort...adults only. I am so excited to think I will be showing off my pasty white body in a swimsuit so soon after the holidays...cruel trick I know!! We are in need of the sun (especially me) and we will enjoy ourselves for sure. Our girls aren't happy...but sorry, we're still outta here! I am a great mom...I know...I'm leaving on Hudsen's birthday. Now I didn't make the travel arrangements, we are going for a work retreat, but still....believe you me, that little girl is not happy with me! Not one little bit! I'm trying to make it up to her...bribery is my only option at this point.

None the less...we are going...and it's going to be FANTASTIC!

New eye candy!

Do you watch "Without a Trace" on CBS? Well if you don't then you are missing out on this delicious man...Enrique Murciano. He is making my day when I sit down and watch as many of these episodes as I can. Oh I know, I'm married...but I can still look right?

Saturday, January 5, 2008

To my brother Jeff!!

This is all I have to say to you Jeffrey....thanks alot for NOT moving your cute family up here! You are no longer in my will...and I'm having to rethink this whole brother/sister thing.

PS. To those of you who did not know I had a brother...I don't really:) I just pretend I do.

Ok, I still love you!

Happy Birthday!!

Happy 40 to my sissy, Angie!! Hope your day was great...I love you so much and am so glad you are my sister! It was so fun being together over the holidays. Love you bunches!
And another Birthday shout out to my cute friend Rachel!! So glad to see you yesterday at breakfast...that was fun. You are such a dear friend and am so glad to have you in my life. Hope you had a terrific ya Rach!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Christensen's Holiday Season...

Ok, get ready for a butt load of pictures that will amaze and excite you...alright, they probably won't do that, BUT they will show how we spent our time throughout this Holiday Season!

Ring in 2008
Me and My cute family!

My sister Angie and her family

My other sister, Camille and her crew
My cousin, Suz and her hubby Doug were up in Park City with us!
Get this party started!
Proof that your teenager can still show that Hannah!
Guess what "Wii" got for Christmas?
We are loving this whole Wii/Guitar Hero thing,

Thanks Santa!
Suz and Doug's little Oliver!
Our "snowed in" day in Park City

My sister, Aunt Jude and my Dad at work in the kitchen
My girls love their "Mimi"
All the cousins...they all had a blast playing with each other!
A little more "Guitar Hero"... Hudsen has the whole team working for her!

More "Wii"
Working on Gingerbread houses
My mom with the girls
Seeing the lights at Temple Square
Getting warm and cozy after walking "Temple Square"

Our fabulous table at our Christmas Party

My cute friends at our party
The aftermath of Christmas morning!
So to wrap this puppy up, we had a wonderful Holiday Season! Christmas was great, there is nothing better than the excitement Christmas morning! Being with friends and family making memories that will last forever...priceless! Hope everyone had a good time as well.