Thursday, April 23, 2009

2 Great Weekends!

So this past weekend I was able to get away with some of my dearest girlfriends and head to Park City. We had so many great laughs and I had a blast. We all stayed up late and played games, and talked, and ate and laughed, and ate (Oh, did I already mention that one?) It was awesome and I love these girls.
Chrissy Lou and Char!All of us enjoying a long, yummy, fondue dinner!

Me and Char

The first night...We were all giving ourselves facials which is why Rach looks a little pale :)

The girls keeping busy in the kitchen!

The 2nd great weekend I've had was over Easter. Randy decided last minute that we should take the kids and travel to Vegas and see how much we could get for them....I mean, take them for a fun long weekend!! And of course when you think of Vegas and Fun, you think Circus Circus! Y'up...they loved it there...the Adventuredome and the pool, they were pretty much set.

And if that didn't sound good enough maybe we could meet Criss Angel...Y'ep...we met him. Have you ever seen 4 young girls screaming and crying over this Mindfreak??? Yeah, that would pretty much be my 3 younger ones and a friend. We were just strolling through the Luxor when Hudsen said, "That's him (meaning Criss)". After that it was a complete zoo...there was a crowd following him and we jumped right in. He walked down to his gift store and then signed autographs and took pictures for about 20 minutes. My girls thought that they had died and gone to heaven!!

Ignore the dude on the right...I have no idea who he is!

All in all...we had a great time, it was sunny and warm and it was just fun to get-away. And in case you were wondering, we did come back with all 4 children. (No Hannah though, she was too cool for us and was on Spring Break with her friends!)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Excerpts from a 2nd Graders autobiography...

Oh that Hudsen, have I ever mentioned how much I love that little girl??? She makes me laugh so hard and I can't seem to get enough of her. The following has been taken from her recently written and published 2nd Grade memoirs...gotta love it!!Love that she is a self proclaimed "Excellent Shopper"....she must get that from me!
Who needs to "Expect great things from Macy's"....that is way overrated!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My Latest Gig...

So I really haven't been doing any parties's just too much work for not enough pay. But I do love me some creative outlets, so when I was asked if I'd like to decorate for a baby shower in 3 days...I said, "Hmmmmm...sure". After all, I could pull it off in such a short time, right??? Oh and by the way I forgot I was going on a field trip with Hope's class from 8am to 3pm and then needed to be at the place at 5 to set up, so NO problem...(I started to ask myself What Was I Smokin?) But no worries, thanks to a nice friend (thanks Kimmie) and a husband who played Mr. Mom all day (taking care of a sick Hudsen) I got the job done AND I was happy with it. hopefully I can's been 3 nights in a row where I've been up most of the night! And now I can take care of the rest of life :)