Thursday, May 29, 2008

Ewww Gross!

I am sure you all can relate to the following reenactment;

1:00 am Hope comes staggering into our room. "Mom, I feel sooo sick, I think I might barf"

Me, (I am so nice) "Go get a bucket, don't throw up on the carpet"

Hope, " I really feel sick"

"Ok, I'll make you a little bed on the floor and get you some Pepto"

I am starting to come out of my sleepy haze at this point and get up to take care of her.

1:30, Hearing lots of moans and groans......Throw Up hits the bucket.

"It's Ok, just get it all out, you'll feel better afterwards." I get up, turn on light and hold her hair back for her, trying the whole time not to inhale through my nose.

She finishes and we go into bathroom to clean her up, get her a drink and a cold washcloth. Get her tucked back into make shift bed and kiss her goodnight. (Although kiss is far from her lips...try forehead)

"K Hopey, try to go back to sleep"

"I am so sorry mom, thanks for taking care of me. I'm sorry I woke you up. Thanks"

...and that last line makes it all worth it! Man, I love my kids, even when they are in the throws of barfing :)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

It's Smore time...

Finally, after a steady month of my girls asking to make smores...we did it! We got the fire pit out, built a fire (well R did that) and the girls got to roast their mellows. Fun Fun!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

He's finally come home!

First off, let me go on record saying that I absolutely ADORE my husband...he's cute, sexy, good looking, funny, caring, a great gift giver, wonderful dad and more. I am 100% in love with him and would not trade him for the world. With that being said..

The other man in my life has finally come to find me. Yes, it's true (Randy told me himself) that Brad will soon be filming a movie here in Utah. Tooele in fact, and so what if he didn't Mapquest my address and show up on my door step. I mean, does he have to do all the work in this's the least I can do, meeting him out in nowhere land. I'm thinking maybe he doesn't want to upset Angelina, she is getting ready to pop any day now. That must be why he wants to meet in the desert, no one will know. But of course I'll have to come clean with R...he might wonder where I've gone when I return with my blouse on inside out and my hair all matted in the back (kidding girls, kidding :).

I've been waiting for this day all my life and I'm pretty sure he feels the same about me. How exciting that all this longing... this anticipation... this lusting will soon come to fruition! You might ask how Randy feels about this, well he is pretty used to sharing me with Brad...he's willing to make certain sacrifices on our (Brad and I's) behalf. And I always tell him he's free to have his own fantasy mistress...I have no problem with that!

So the final question is this...where should I put the tattoo of Tooele's coordinates (after all this is where we'll share our first kiss) on my body?

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Made With Love

When you first look at this handmade "pot holder" you may judge it as I did. You might think, "Oh that's a beauty", just like I thought when Randy brought it home this afternoon. And you might think, just as I did, that it'll get tossed in the garbage. You might even think to yourself, "That's the ugliest pot holder I've ever seen"...just as I might have thought. But then if you hear the love that went into this, you might just change your mind...just as I did.

You see Randy brought this to me today, came home from church with it. He laid it in front of me and just as I was thinking all those judgemental thoughts he said, "It's a pot holder. It's from Jerry Talbott. He said he was making one for everyone who has helped him get through the sorrow of the passing of his wife. He had like a hundred of them. He let me pick the color I wanted, so I choose blue. He said he's been busy making them, that's how he's getting through his days. He's trying to keep busy, working with his hands."

Jerry is an 70 ish year old man who just recently lost his wife to cancer, a battle she fought and lost within only 6 short weeks. He is in our ward...I don't know him well, but love him enough. I got teary eyed after I thought about the love that went into making this. No it might not be the best looking pot holder I own, but it might just be the sweetest made one. This sweet man, who now must journey through the rest of his life without his lovely wife...he made this just for us, as a way of saying thank you, as a way of filling up his days...without his companion.

So thank you Jerry...thank you for sharing this with me. Thank you for this pot holder, thank you for this lesson on love and not being so quick to judge. It's just what I needed on this sweet Sunday.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Husband+New Mattress=Happy Me!

You see this handsome, incredibly handy around the house, funny, and altogether terrific man in the picture below? Well once again he has done a wonderful thing, he's purchased a much needed new mattress for us!
Yes this beautiful new Serta mattress is soon to be mine, ALL mine...Ok, I guess I'll share a portion of it with him but he better not getting any funny ideas. I plan on doing some serious sleeping in this bad boy. We have wanted a new mattress for years but it never seems to make it to the top of the list. So while I was home today, probably taking a nap in soon-to-be old bed, he was out surprising me with this beauty. It'll be delivered next week...Yippy Skippy:)

So thanks babe, you are awesome and I guess if you're lucky I might consider another activity (besides sleep) in said bed ;)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sisters, Sisters

Have I ever mentioned what great sisters I have? Not leaving out my mom and dad...they are awesome too! My sister Ang (the one on the horse that looks ready to cry...wimp) was just here for a few days. It was great having her...whenever or wherever she sees the need to help, she's there, no questions asked. She came in and kicked some serious booty in the kitchen...made us great dinners every night and got up with my kids in the morning and made them breakfast. This was truly a treat for them, since I am usually sawing logs when Hannah and Hailey leave in the morning. In fact, she not only made dinner for us every night, she also made meals that she froze so we can have them later. She was amazing and I am so blessed to have her in my life. (We did manage to throw in a massage and pedicure while she was it wasn't all work and no play.)
So here's to you Angie...thanks a million for everything. I love ya.

And the winner of the Boobie Prize is...

Ok so he didn't win big on Idol last night, but he does get to eat at this 5 star restaurant in Murray. He shouldn't feel bad, after all who wouldn't want to eat here free for a lifetime?
C' know you're jealous!!

My sister and I saw this the other day while we were running errands. Just so happens that I had my camera in the car. Good thing huh, or you might not have believed me. This Boobie prize rocks...who needs American Idol anyways?!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Please Welcome Our Twins...

I am proud to announce the arrival of our latest addition to the Christensen fact we are doubly (is that a word?) blessed. We've got TWINS!!! (See Brad, I could be having YOUR Twins!) And can I say that I am one proud mommy...they are beautiful. They are quiet...hardly making a peep, they're hard working... so far they don't complain and I am in love with them. Ok, what if I am talking about my brand new washer and dryer...See R, I'm not that hard to please! But let me back up a second...last Thursday our dryer died, just up and died without warning...for heaven's sake, I still had wet clothes in the washer. It is true that for the past few years our dryer seemed to be taking longer and longer to dry. It was getting annoying, but I worked with it. So when it completely stopped working I wasn't that surprised. So later that day Randy and I found ourselves looking at replacements. Now our washer was still going strong, but who wants to buy a brand new dryer and put it with a 20 year old washer...that just wouldn't be right, our washer might look into getting a lil plastic surgery just to keep up!! So lucky for us we were able to purchase a brand spankin new set and have it delivered the next morning....Sweet!!!

So Friday morning rolls around and here they come, into my home and my heart. I couldn't wait to do the fact all four of the girls were excited to welcome our new addition. That day was great but as it rolled on I noticed the dryer was taking forever to dry our clothes. Something was not right but R was out of town so I tried to fix the problem myself. In fact I went to bed that night reading the whole entire owners manual, trying to figure out what might be wrong. The next day my handy sister Ang (more on her visit later) happened to be flying in to see me. So together we set out to solve the problem. We figured something was probably clogging the filter, because the dryer was getting sooooo hot! We pulled a bunch of crap out but it was still drying slow. So when R came home last night he went straight to fixing the problem. To make a long story short (cause this has been short so far)...he found the problem after hours of climbing on ladders and using the shop vac, a broom and a plumbing snake (Thanks babe, you rock) Here's the culprit....

He said he pulled about 3 times this amount out of the vent going into the house. Apparently some birds have been very busy!!! So keep in mind that where they were making their nests is where the hot air comes blasting out. We figured this had probably been here for years, probably before we moved in 'cause our house sat empty for a year! No wonder it took FOREVER for our clothes to dry.

Well anyways, just wanted to share (that very long) story (sorry) and officially welcome the newest members of our family....don't be jealous can go adopt your very own just like Brangelina!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Proud of these girls...

Yesterday the girls had their semi-annual piano recital...Hailey, Hope, and Hudsen all take. Hannah, who was too busy with sports when they first started playing, got lucky (the others say) and doesn't have to take lessons. Hudsen just started taking about a month and a half ago, so it was her very first recital...they all did great! I am so proud of them, and wish I could play like they do. Thanks for making me proud girls!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hope's Birthday Pics...Finally

Ok, I know Hope turned 10 almost 3 weeks ago but I am just now getting around to posting the pictures from her celebration! Instead of a big party with lots of friends she choose to have just 2 of her closest friends (and Hudsen) celebrate the day with her! It started with a sleepover on the eve of her birthday and continued into the next day. Her favorite breakfast then we headed to the mall for some fun. Lunch at the food court (I know, nothing is too much for my princess:) then a spin on the Merry Go Round. We then headed over to the nail shop for pedicures...they loved this part. After we did some shopping and returned home. Later that night it was her pick of restaurants, back to the house for cake and ice cream and PRESENTS...the best part right?! It was all a hit, especially the Rip Stick she got from her Mimi and Ruff...thanks guys. Overall, I think she enjoyed her day and I was glad to get out of a big party!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mommy's Day

My mommy, getting ready to do some go mom!

Happy Mother's Day to all you great moms out there...especially my mom!!! You are the best mom and I am so glad you borned me :) (Inside joke there) Hope everyone is having a great day!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Ok, this is the final straw!

First off let me apologize for posting for the 3rd time today! I haven't done that in a long time! But today I think I might have seen it all! Leaving Wal-Mart (it was a necessity to go, I swear) I saw a woman walking in the store with full pajamas on. Not just the top or just the bottoms but both! Matching flannel pj's, I could not believe my eyes. I thought that nothing could surprise me at Wal-Mart, but it would appear that I was wrong...Are you kidding me? Who does that...Ok, don't answer that...obviously someone does it and does it proudly!

Good frickin grief!!! (And BTW, they weren't even cute PJ's)

She's gonna kill me...

Yes, this is my beautiful friend Tara in Hawaii a few years ago. And yes I realize she may no longer be my friend after seeing this post. But I couldn't resist...I was cleaning out some of my files on my computer and came upon a few random pictures. I know she will likely kill me but it's a risk I'm willing to take...all for the enjoyment of bloggin friends! ENJOY

And if this just made you want more... check this out!

Can't Decide...

Ok, I've got this dilemma...I really can't decide who I want to win AI. I know this is up there with world peace and saving the environment, but I really don't know who I want to win. I loved Michael Johns, and was considering having his first child, but since he is long gone what's a girl to do? I love David Cook...original...although I don't like his hair and sometimes his humbleness seems insincere. Syesha is really growing on me...she has great pipes and really seems to be getting better and more confident each week. And then there is our local boy...Archuleta...who doesn't like him? Although I first thought he was 15, then Paula is calling him I know AI has been going on for awhile, but 2 years?....I think not. Regardless, that boy can sing like no other. Tonight he is singing the national anthem at the Jazz game...where are our season tickets when I REALLY need them, I'd kill to be there for that. The homecoming rally thing is today at Murray High but I won't be attending, I'll have to watch on the news I guess.
So, what do you think? Who should it be...I really can't decide! What's your vote?

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Thank Goodness...

This is just a little, ok why not go big, a BIG shout out to those in my life that have come to my rescue these past couple of weeks!! You know who you are, my family, my have been my strength and stability when I have needed it the most. Hopefully soon I will be good as new, pieced back together and ready to get on with it!! I love you...I am soooo blessed to have so many around me that support and love me unconditionally!

So a BIG thanks to have kept me going:)