Friday, August 31, 2007

My cute fam and Hailey on her 12th b-day

My virgin blog

Alright already...I'm giving in to peer pressure (well that's no surprise) and creating my own blog! I feel a tremendous amount of fear and anxiety to make this blog interesting enough that anybody else would want to take a look. Sorry, that was a way long sentence! I'll try and be brief from now on. So anyways, my dear friend Tara has got me hooked on this blogging thing, (Thanks my lil friend) so I'll give it a whirl.

For anyone who cares or doesn't know yet, R and I are heading to Paris and London in 2 wks...yipppeee! So I have been reading up on these places, I have about 9 bks on my nightstand and research every night. R is probably getting really sick of me, telling him all about how great it's going to be and how I hope we can communicate with the French, and how I hope they don't hate us too much, (after all we are republican and Americans!) and how I hope I'll be able to find a FOUNTAIN diet coke there for under $20 and so on and so forth! (Sorry, another long sentence) So I am proceeding to tell him some simple french phrases, because of course I speak fluent french...not, so I tell him merci is thank you, no is non and yes is oui. Ok, here is where it gets good; so I pronounce oui like this...(think Chips-Ahoy) and say the oy. That is what I say to him which he replies, "You mean (wee) oui" ? Ok I am such an idiot...of course it is pronounced wee, what was I thinking? He also proceeded to tell me that I am not allowed to do the talking for us while we are there...maybe he's right:)